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mmWave and PIR Human Presence Sensor


Made For ESPHome


Input:DC 5V 1A Type-C
Wi-Fi Type:2.4Ghz

Working humidity: 5~95%RH
Operating temperature: 0°C~+40°C
Radar Frequency:24Ghz(ISM)



  • Integrated Luminance Sensor
  • Build In CH340C serial chip, you can flash your firmware directly
  • Radar sensitivity and detection distance are adjustable.
  • The product has human presence, micro-motion, and human motion detection capabilities.
  • It can detect the presence or absence of individuals within the designated area and their movements.



  • Radar Output:GPIO14
  • Pir Output:GPIO12
  • Radar TX:GPIO15
  • Radar RX:GPIO13
  • LED:GPIO16
  • Button:GPIO0


Simple automation: use Occupancy as a trigger, trigger automation to make your lights turn on


Installation Precautions:


  1. ​Choose a suitable installation location away from air conditioners, curtains, fans, plants, etc. to avoid interference.​
  2. Avoid direct beam irradiation on the ground, walls or doors to minimize reflections and indirect detections.​
  3. Configure appropriate detection distance, sensitivity and delay time to reduce interference from objects.​
  4. Keep the sensor surface clean and free from dust and obstacles.​
  5. Ensure the sensor has enough space around it for proper air circulation.


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Human Presence Sensor

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