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WLED WS2812B Starter Kit


The starter kit includes: ​ ​

1x LS4P ESP8285 WLED controller ​

1x 5V10A Power Adaptor (EU/US/UK) ​

1x WS2812B 5m 60 leds/m IP20 White ​

1x DC Cable ​

1x User Manual


Wire Diagram


1. Connect the power cable and strip cable to the controller. ​

​2. Connect the strip light to the controller, ensuring that VCC is connected to 5V, DAT to D0, and GND to GND. ​

​3.Connect the power adaptor to the controller.


The LS4P WLED Controller


ESP8285H16 with 2M memory ​

Maximum Curent 16A ​

Relay Built in ​


GPIO: ​ ​

Button(GPIO0) ​

Relay (GPIO12) ​

Data (GPIO1) ​



The WS2812B Strip Light


Length: 5M

​LED: 60leds/m ​FPCB

Width:10mm ​

PCB Color: White ​

WaterProof: IP20 (None-waterproof)


The Power Adaptor

EU/US/UK Standard Optional ​

AC Input:110-240V 50/60Hz

​DC Output: 5V10A




1. To reset the controller, please press and hold the key more than 10s ​

​2. To upgrade from official firmware, please choose ​ ​


WLED_0.x.x_ESP02.bin ​


​ ​ ​ ​


3. Due to voltage drop, the actual power output of this strip at full brightness is 28W. To achieve equal brightness along the entire length of the strip, we recommend using high-quality wire (not included) to inject power at both ends, which requires a total power input of 42W


WLED ESP8285 WS2812B Kit

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